To use commands, simply type a command starting with {command}: and ending with ;. Here are some examples:

  • gen:Create a blog post about AI;
  • french:How are you?;

To use the AI prompt feature, follow these steps:

  • Open the text input field on the page where you want to use the feature.
  • Type {command}: followed by the prompt you want to use, and end the command with a semicolon ;.
  • The AI prompt will generate text based on your command, which you can then edit and use as needed.

Here are some of the available commands you can use with our AI prompt feature:

  • gen or generate or create: Generate text on a specific topic.
  • summarize: Summarize a piece of content into a paragraph.
  • shorter: Shorten a piece of text.
  • longer: Lengthen a piece of text.
  • improve: Improve a piece of text.
  • fix: Fix errors or mistakes or grammers in a piece of text.
  • professional: Change text into a professional tone.
  • casual: Change text into a casual tone.
  • reply: Generate a reply to a message or comment.